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Touring & Performance

The BRB feeling at home on stage. 

Having an event, conference or festival that needs something different and want to get the crowd captivated or build trust in a team? B will come out and do some freestyle workshops with you and the crew, help you throw a mad house party or simply rock a set in a traditional live music setting. 

About & History

Starting out so many years ago, the idea of making music for a living wasn’t ideal for Christian creatives...let alone HIPHOP heads.  Back then, the last thing TheBRB thought people would purchase enough to live on was Christian hip-hop aka CHH.
He simply thought of it as a way to help those who have already come off the streets looking for God, and asking, "..what now?"    

After doing a few local performances, invitations to go more and more places kept coming. The BRB quickly realised the music was going somewhere, topping the charts at the time online on Soundclick, bigger and bigger audiences and festivals, and also ranking on iTunes Australia, when he was suddenly struck down with an aggressive form of Cancer.

After this BRB took a back seat from making his own music, but was still involved in helping and building others.  Hosting events from his wheelchair in between chemotherapy, and producing others in the budding Australian hip-hop community. He even co-founded Australia's First ever Gospel Hip-Hop show.  

A few faithful supporters helped him realise his calling to music was not over, so he decided to pursue his gifting again. Towards the end of 2017 The BRB had lived up to his name & got back in the booth for himself and started doing shows again. BRB never imagined the amount of support he would receive. 

Now thanks to the stubborn day one friends and fam that have stuck around, The BRB is living up to that name making music once again.

Over the last 3 years. He has logged thousands of hours at small gatherings with the occasional festival appearance in cities across the globe.

In 2017 time on the road proved crucial in shaping the outlook and faith-walk in the New Kinda Human tour. Now released and re-mastered.

The BRB says "...there truly are people who need to hear the message of hope through the music and I am grateful that they are willing to support the minstry of music"

- for that The BRB says “Thank You!”

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Short Bio

The BRB is originally from the USA with South American heritage now based in Australia, The BRB combines a US east coast rap flow with a west coast flair in a laid back Aussie style. Cleverly written lyrics with powerful freestyles, result in his entertaining and moving songs and performances. Making songs from rhythm and percussion with original tracks and DJ work, The BRB brings a powerful duo of beats rhymes and blessings together in one for an unforgettable night of freestyle hip-hop

"I go where He sends me"

- The BRB