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Touch Screen
A video tutorial with files for After Effects
Submitted by: Spencer Tucker

This tutorial will explain how to create the touch screen effect. The tutorial is designed for Adobe After Effects 6.5, but can be applied to earlier versions as well. You should be able to apply the concepts to other applications as well.

This tutorial is for a touch screen as seen in futuristic thing-a-ma-jigs. It's supposed to look like there's a screen in front of me that I'm touching and messing with.. Instead it looks like I got a hold of MS paint and played around a bit. Anyway, I thought I'd make a video tutorial for it since a few people asked me for one...

The way I make it is by basically making a new solid layer, masking it, feathering it and decreasing the opacity. Then I use other compositions (full of layers and whatnot), turn them into 3D layers and scale them down tremendiously. I keyframe the windows I'm dragging along with the motion of my hand and make it look sorta smooth...

So, enjoy.

Video Tutorial -- (90mb, 15minutes, .wmv)
Project Files -- (6.83mb .zip file containing: clip and .aep project file)