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Muzzle Flashes
A video tutorial with files for After Effects
Submitted by: Aaron Sorenson (ssjaaron)

This tutorial will explain how to create the muzzle flash effect for gunshots. The tutorial is designed for Adobe After Effects 6.5 pro, but can be applied to earlier versions as well. You should be able to apply the concepts to other applications too.

Simple directions for use: use the graphics with screen mode to composite them onto your shot.

General note: due to copyright issues, some of the files mentioned in the video tutorial differ from those in the .zip file below. You are welcome to use these files as royalty free graphics, or you may wish to look into purchasing the applications mentioned in the tutorial.

Video Tutorial -- (8.09mb, 12minutes, .mov format: mpeg4 video, AAC audio)
Project Files -- (2.59mb .zip file with demo clips, graphics and .aep project file)

Project Files Contents:
Example shot used in tutorial.
Example movie of final effect.
Stock flash graphic.
This graphic was created by Alex Choursine and can be found here.
flash.jpg: An image for the actual firing of the weapon.
smoke.jpg: To be used for after the weapon is fired.
These images were created by Daniel Ross and can be found here.
AE5.0 version.aep
This After Effects project file is compatible with version 5.0 and above. This is only based upon the tutorial, so realize some settings may vary.
Note: Due to file reference issues, you MUST keep all of the files in the .zip with the same filenames or After Effects will be unable to locate them.