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How to Make Gun Props
The cheap and easy way...
Submitted by: Daniel Ross (djr33)

Cheap and realistic gun props may seem hard to find, but there is an easy solution.
~$1.99 (for gun toy)
Black Spray Paint
Cutting tool, such as a hack saw (optional)
First, go to your local grocery store.
This image is of the end of the frozen foods aisle at the local Safeway.
It should look familiar. This is where all of the cheap kids' toys are. Y'know... the ones that break before you get them home.
However, they do have a use!
When I needed a cheap gun prop, I checked a few toy stores, but none had anything even close to realistic. They suggested that I visit a hobby shop, but I didn't want to pay the high prices for a model or replica.
Now that you have found the cheap toys section, look for any gun toys.
There will likely be 3-4 that could work.
I'd recommend not getting any that make fancy sounds, or actually fire small pieces of plastic, because that will save you a couple dollars.
You should be able to find a suitable to for about $1.99, or perhaps $3.99 if you do go for the extra features.
Remember: Don't worry about any weird colors, or extra parts sticking off the ends of the guns. We'll fix this in a bit. In fact, sometimes the most realistically shaped guns are strange colors, so they aren't mistaken for a real weapon.
Now, take the gun you bought and use some type of saw/knife to cut off any extra parts, such as extra long barrels and pointy things on top.
Paint the gun with the black spray paint. Be sure to do a few coats because spray paint generally doesn't bond to plastic too well. Also be careful to paint all of the hidden surfaces of the gun.
As you can see, the final result can look quite realistic. The guns look great, except for some closeups, in which case you might need to purchase a replica of a real gun. But for the most part, this should do well.

Image from Hidden Memories 2006 Daniel Ross

Warning: These props DO look realisitc. Even if you know it's a toy, others will not. Be aware of local laws and be careful about using these guns (yes, even for a movie) in public. Permits can be obtained from the Police if needed.