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Creating the Star Wars Scroll in After Effects
Submitted by: DVeditor

Greetings one and all - this is DVeditor.

This is just a quick update to the  existing tutorial  on creating opening scrolls in After Effects. There were several bad links and a few small details I wanted to touch on so I've put the files and a bit of info together for people to use/alter/reference as much as they like. We've seen a lot of scrolls posted around FanFilms lately so I figured now was a good time - hopefully someone will be able to benefit from this information.

Understand most of this is simple alteration of what was provided (or hinted at) in  this tutorial. It's not perfect by any means but should at least give you something to get some ideas from. I just wanted to show people that getting things timed right wasn't impossible and that a basic comparison isn't hard to achieve.

Here are the files I'm updating/adding to the mix:

Project file and .psd layers for scroll (12mb)
(AE 6.5 Pro was used to save this file.)

 A decent 2.35:1 version of the .AEP file (96 KB)

Quite a few Star Wars fonts (0.5 MB)

A brief history on the opening titles

A bit more info/history

Here are a few frame-by-frame comparisons between the scroll in the DVD version of ANH and the version I put together:

Video files for comparison:
(sorry about the size - I wanted to make sure they were good quality even at 360 X 240)

Here's the ANH version

Here's my (simple) version

Anyway, I hope this helps people out a bit. Feel free to modify the files and play with them if you like.


Update: For those of you not using the newest version of Adobe After Effects, there is a download below using version 5.0. The contents of the .zip are based upon the tutorial above, but do not neccessarily match exactly. Using this along with the tutorial above, you should be able to follow the steps listed, even if you don't have After Effects 6.5 Pro.
Download: (775kb)
Version 5.0 file created by Rev. Scotty Lorenz.