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theBRB Stockpile TOS:

By viewing, downloading or using items from or submitting items to the StockPile, you are agreeing to these rules:

Section 1: Viewing, Downloading and Using the Material from the StockPile:
  1. The content of this site is for free, non-commercial use.
    The material is provided for your use in projects. Please do not abuse this. While we do not restrict use in paid projects, we also expect that professional projects would be able to pay the creators of the content they use.
  2. Viewing, downloading or usage of the material hosted on this site is based on your agreement to these rules.
    If you do not follow the rules, you may not view, download or use any of the material.
  3. Creators of any works used in your films or other media must be credited.
    We expect equal credits for material used from here to those for the cast and crew of your film. This means that if you have credits, you must include the creators of any work you used just as you do another member of your team. The format may be as you like, but should be as legible and clear as any other similar credits.
    In the case of an item with only a screenname as the creator, you may use this in the credits of your film, or, as with the case of an anonomous submission, you may omit the credit or credit "".
    Credits for particular items must be as follows:
    • Video, Audio and Images:
      Credit the creator(s) as members of your team.
    • Tutorials:
      Since these are just resources, you are not required to give credit. However, a "Special Thanks to", etc. title would be much appreciated by the people who worked hard to help you out by writing the tutorials.
    • Other:
      Use your judgement to place these items in one of the two above catergories.
    • outside links:
      You may, as above, give "Special Thanks to" credit, etc. to the user who submitted the link, but you are not required to. Note that the links themselves may have requirements for credits. Once you leave our site, you are subject to the rules of the site you are visiting.
    In short, give credit where credit is due. Thank you.
  4. We would appreciate a link ( from your webpage or "" in the credits of your film. This is not required, but it will help to spread the word about this valuable resource.
  5. If you use material, we'd love it if you would consider what you might be able to contribute. See below for rules on submissions.

Section 2: Submitting Material to the StockPile:
  1. Material will be provided for free. You will not recieve any money or other payment for your material, and we will never sell your material.
    (In special circumstances, exceptions could be made, but only with specific consent from both parties.)
  2. By submitting to theBRB, you are simply authorizing theBRB to distribute your material; you retain all of your rights.
    This includes you selling or distributing your material on your own if you desire, using it yourself, etc.
  3. We will generally host your file(s) (if applicable) on our servers, but large files and other cases may promt us to find another hosting alternative. The same rules will apply.
  4. By submiting, you state that:
    • You have the rights to distribute your file(s).
    • The file(s) are not illegal anywhere.
    We cannot host copyrighted material. You are solely responsible for what you submit, and we will not be held accountable.
  5. When submitting, supply either a valid screenname and password or Email address you will be able to access in case we need to contact you; if you wish to update an item you have submitted or need to request its removal, you must be able to verify your identity with us.

These rules are subject to change without notice.

If you have any questions, please contact