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How to Make Gun Props
An easy guide to building cheap realistic gun props.

Ian Hubert's Photoshop Tips
A demonstration of some simple techniques in Photoshop that will improve your pictures.

Compositing a Realistic 3D Background
How to make your CG backgrounds look real.

Touch Screen
A video tutorial with files for After Effects

Muzzle Flashes
Video tutorial for After Effects including resource files.

Noise Reduction with Ace of WAV
Audio noise reduction tutorial for a freeware application with diagram.

Advanced Image Correction
Detailed overview of image correction with layers.

"The Darth Vader Effect"
Text tutorial on the Darth Vader Voice effect text/video tutorial with examples.

Free FTP hosting with Geocities
Tutorial for free webhosting with direct linking, 15mb space and FTP access.

Creating the Star Wars Scroll in After Effects
After Effects tutorial including many resource files.

Introduction/Importance of Film Audio
Detailed advice for recording and working with audio.

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