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Heat Ray
A short video clip that can create a heat ray effect.

How to Make Gun Props
An easy guide to building cheap realistic gun props.

The Freesound Project (outside link)
Free database of common Sound FX.

Detonation Films (outside link)
A collection of free explosion footage and more

Ian Hubert's Photoshop Tips
A demonstration of some simple techniques in Photoshop that will improve your pictures.

Sean Beeson Music Collection
53 song music collection of many genres.

3D UFO Model
Blender format CG classic-style UFO model.

Lens Flare Graphic
12-frame lens flare created for use with muzzle flashes.

San Anselmo Hills Images
5 images taken on a hill in Northern California.

Sonny Boo Downloads (outside link)
Collection of template images and documents and royalty free music for your films.

Silverfox's Production Tools
.zip archieve containg forms and templete images for filmmaking. (outside link)
Hosting site and resource for online films. (outside link)
Discussion forums for CGI.

Cloud Background Images
9 images of clouds for use in backgrounds, etc.

Tileable Cloud Image
1600x1200 background image that can be tiled. (outside link)
Website for Blender, a free 3D graphics application.

Bright Contact Flash Graphic
Bright contact flash for your special FX shots.

Starfield Image
2048x2048 starfield perfect for backgrounds and more.

Avid Free DV (outside link)
Demo of the industry standard editing software. (outside link)
Collection of tutorials for web design and editing applications.

Compositing a Realistic 3D Background
How to make your CG backgrounds look real.

Touch Screen
A video tutorial with files for After Effects

Flash and Smoke
2 images created for use with muzzle flashes and muzzle flash tutorial.

Muzzle Flashes
Video tutorial for After Effects including resource files.

Ian Hubert Music Collection
Currently 1 song, "I want to Eat a Dog."

Garry Pinches Music Collection
17 music tracks of many styles including classical.

Noise Reduction with Ace of WAV
Audio noise reduction tutorial for a freeware application with diagram.

Advanced Image Correction
Detailed overview of image correction with layers.

A simple but useful program for scriptwriting.

"The Darth Vader Effect"
Text tutorial on the Darth Vader Voice effect text/video tutorial with examples.

Free FTP hosting with Geocities
Tutorial for free webhosting with direct linking, 15mb space and FTP access.

Gunshots Sound Effect Clip
6 shots recorded from .22 Magnum and M16 guns in one clip.

Big Red Button Renders
A top and side view of the big red button with alpha channels.

Southern California Coast Images
Collection of 25 images taken from a train.

Creating the Star Wars Scroll in After Effects
After Effects tutorial including many resource files.

Introduction/Importance of Film Audio
Detailed advice for recording and working with audio.

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