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~60 Hour Film Contest
(Oct 17, 2004)


From 8:00am PST on 10/15/2004 to 11:59pm PST on 10/17/2004.


  • 3 minutes length maximum
  • Quicktime Sorenson 320x240 final delivery
  • Entrants had to host their own entries
  • You could not start working early. The object was to think about it and start fresh on the morning of the contest.


The following line of dialog had to be either the FIRST or LAST line spoken in the film:
"And, what am I supposed to do with this?!?"


The winner received the title of 60 Hour Film Contest Winner


Alex C. and the morning after - Alex_C
Download (6.56 MB)

Be Right Back - djr33
Download (31.6 MB)

Losers Revenge - mik3
Download (51.5 MB)

No Greater Love - ccfilms
Download (13.2 MB)

The 60 Hour Film Contest - JustinZ
Download (14.5 MB)

The Invaders - Mrdodobird
Download (10.8 MB)

The Morning After - DeadEyesSmiling
Download (26.6 MB)

Untitled - Alron and TechKrill
Download (55.3 MB)


Voting began on 10/18/2004 to decide a winner.

And the winner of the first contest at The Big Red Button was Jeremy Krakowski (ccfilms).